Zia Rashid
Zia rashid kane chronicles by littleskittles-d64mzhu
General Information
Full Name Zia Rashid
DOB May 8, 1996
Age 17
Biographical Information
Birthplace Egypt
Host/Path Ra
Species Magician
Status Alive
Physical Information
Hair Color Jet black
Eye Color Amber
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Other Information
Relationship Status Dating Carter Kane
Other Names Miss Magic


Roleplayer Roongtaanjali

Zia Rashid is a seventeen year old eye of Ra and a fire elementralist. Roongtaanjali does her role play.


Zia Rashid was born on May 8. After her parents death she was taken in by Iskander by the First Nome. Zia loved the First Nome. Her shabti found Carter and Sadie Kane and took them to First Nome. Along the way they encountered some monsters, where Zia defeated the scorpion goddess herself. They eventually made it to First Nome, where carter was called king. She was found by Carter in the river Nile near her birth place. Over the years, she became a great leader. They led many adventures together and started dating.

Early LifeEdit

Zia's family dies at a young age when her father found a statue which was evil as her mother had predicted and she was found by Iskander the man who ran first nome then. She made it safely to First Nome. When Nephythes possesd her, Iskander made her shabti and replced her with it, conceling her. Her shabti and carter fell in love and after Carter saved her, she too fell for him. She is very smart, a quick thinker, and good with battle. She has been at First Nome since she forever, and she is an expret on it. She enjoys helping others, touring new egyptian magicians, and helping them discover their path. She can have a fiery temper. Annabeth is also strict and she likes to play by the rules, but she can break them if she wants. She is usually a caring person to others and she has a big heart, but she can also make a fantastic warrior. She at present lives in Brookly house and helps in training the trainies. She had become the eye of Ra and had fought Aphophis but he swallowed her. However, she was saved when before long Carter and Sadie destroyed Aphophis's shadow.


Zia has dark hair which is usually curled and stormy amber eyes. She is tanned and very pretty. She can be a bit of a tomboy sometimes.



None, alive


  • Zia is extremely smart and an excellent fighter.
  •  Zia is a fire elementralist and can summon fire at will.