Sadie Kane is a 13-year-old magician. She once hosted Isis. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


Sadie Kane is a fifeteen year oold magician. She is reckless and appolozing is not her strong suit. She loves taking riskd but hates being controlled and is the head of Brooklyn house and a horrible teacher but a very good friend and an awesome sister, though she can be a bit embarrasing at times, and her anger is something you should be aware of and she talk too much just like Zia_Rashid but Zia is only talkative infront of her friends while Sadie.....

Early LifeEdit

Sadie was born in LA and lived there until her mother died and after a court case she was taken away from her father and brother Carter, whom she could meet only twice a year and looks nothing like.

Last Christmas she realized her history and was taken by her uncle Amos to Brooklyn house and she and Carter along with Zia_Rashid and Walt became leaders and defeated Aphophis or chaos and saved the world.


Zia_Rashid  (best friend)

Carter Kane ( brother)

Walt Stone and Anubis  (boyfriend)



All trainees



Anyone who gets on her wrong side.