Relationship Information
Between Paige Bennett

Rose Mubarak

Status Friends


Roleplayers JordynPallas


Parose (Pa/ige and Rose) is the friendship pairing of Paige Bennett and Rose Mubarak. The two are friends and roommates in Dorm 101.


Rose's Opinion of PaigeEdit

Rose hates it that Paige never talks, and she doesn't understand why, because she thinks that Paige has a great personality. She would love to be best friends with Paige someday, but she thinks that Paige should become more of an outgoing person, and she would love to help Paige become more outgoing.

Paige's Opinion of RoseEdit

Paige is always very quiet and she wasn't sure how well she would get along with Rose at first. Rose seemed to be her exact opposite. Paige appreciates all the work that Rose is trying to do to get her to come out of her comfort zone and talk more. She knows that would make a very fun friend, but she doesn't like how often Rose isn't doing what she is supposed too. Life is much better when you follow all the rules, she believes.