Relationship Information
Between Elizabeth Newton

Kelly Massey

Status Best friends
Roleplayers Miramc22
Lizly (Liz/zie and Kel/ly) is the friendship pairing of Elizabeth Newton and Kelly Massey. The two are best friends.


  • Both are attending Brooklyn House.
  • Both are female.
  • Both are hosting a god.
  • Both have ADHD.

Kelly's Opinion of LizzieEdit

Kelly really likes being with Lizzie, as she can relate to her easily. Sometimes, however, Kelly finds she can be really annoying due to being very hyperactive. Kelly really does care about Lizzie and doesn't want her hurt or upset.

Lizzie's Opinion of KellyEdit

Lizzie is often too distracted in living in her own world for friends, but she is friends with Kelly anyway. Lizzie likes having Kelly as a friend and she appreciates their friendship, but she often feels like she is a burden and too difficult to be friends with because of her hyperactivity, but she is glad that Kelly sticks around with her, because she considers Kelly one of her only friends. She is glad that they can be best friends, but she is sometimes ignorant of Kelly and she can be easily distracted away from her.