Relationship Information
Between Kelly Massey

Rose Mubarak

Status Cousins


Roleplayers MermaidatHeart


Kelose (Kel/ly and R/ose) is the cousin/friendship/enemy pairing of Kelly Massey and Rose Mubarak. The two are cousins and they lived together for two years.


  • Both are related to Lisa Massey and Micheal Massey.
  • Both are related to Samantha Mubarak and Robert Mubrarak.
  • Both live at Brooklyn House.
  • Both have lived with Lisa and Micheal Massey.
  • Both are only children.
  • Both have red hair.
  • Both have hazel eyes.
  • Both are godlings.
  • Both are magicians.
  • Both are female.
  • Both reside at Brooklyn House.

Kelly's Opinion of RoseEdit

Kelly knew that her father had family in Scotland, she just never thought that she would ever meet them. When Rose moved in, Kelly became really uncomfortable around her. Her accent and behavior were those of proper ladies, and the last thing Kelly wants is to be 'proper'. She never spoke to Rose, in fear that Rose would make be more of a lady, and she was fine when Rose never spoke to her. Kelly is okay with speaking to Rose, but would much rather be with Lizzie or Chris, as they don't tell her to be someone she's not.

Rose's Opinion of KellyEdit

Rose had no idea that she had a cousin that was one year younger than she was, and she was excited to meet her, but when Rose met Kelly, she realized that they were different and she thought that Kelly did not like her moving in with Kelly and her parents. Rose wasn't sure how to be friends and to get along with Kelly, so she usually left Kelly alone, even though she had aways wanted to be friends with her. Now that they are living at Brooklyn House, Rose would still like to get to know Kelly, but she is just not sure if Kelly would like to be friends with her.