Relationship Information
Between Kelly Massey

Chris Benton

Status Best Friends

Kissed Once

Roleplayers MermaidatHeart


Kelis (Kelly and Chris) is the romantic/friendship pairing of Kelly Massey and Chris Benton. The two are best friends, although Kelly was tricked into kissing Chris once.


Kelly's Opinion of ChrisEdit

Chris is someone Kelly can relate to, and she's happy they're friends. However, she feels like her relationship with Chris is more awkward than her relationship with Lizzie, because the gods they host are married to each other, and she feels like that will have to happen with the two of them. When she first met Chris, he was with her rival from school and distant relative of Chris', Sabrina Chandeler. Sabrina was furious that Kelly was friends with Chris, and because of that, tricked Kelly into kissing him by saying that Chris was under a curse by Geb and the only person who could free him was her. Once she learned it was a trick, she became enraged, and hates Sabrina because of that. She hopes that Chris can forgive her for the misunderstanding, and they can stay friends.

Chris' Opinion of KellyEdit