Chris Benton
Chris Benton
General Information
Full Name Christopher James Benton
DOB January 17,1999
Age 14
Biographical Information
Birthplace Columbus, Ohio
Host/Path Geb
Species Magician
Status Alive
Physical Information
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Gender male
Height 5'2
Other Information
Relationship Status single
Other Names None

Roleplayer Noahm450

Chris Benton is a 14 year-old magician. He is the host of Geb. His role player is  Noahm450.


Chris James Benton was born January 27, 1999 to his mother Julie a former host of Tefnut and his father Robert Benton. One day Chris' father died in a car crash. Julie knowing of Chris' powers decided she could not raise Chris anymore. She took him to Brooklyn House when he was only 8 knowing it was the right thing to do. Chris was angry at his mom for leaving him. But he loved Brooklyn House too. Later on he was told he was the host of Geb the earth god and understood why his mother had to leave him. He is currently studying the Path of the Gods so he can form a perfect combination of mortal will and godly power. Even though he has been told how dangerous it is he still insists on studying it.

Early LifeEdit

When Chris was little he was always cheerful, stubborn, and annoying. He could always be found playing outside, and being athletic. Even as a young child Chris got bullied a lot because he had ADHD. Chri went through a tough time when his father died. One day his mother took him to Brooklyn House far away from his home in Ohio. At first Chris was very angry that his mom left him with a bunch of people he didn't know but soon he grew to love Brooklyn House and the pwople there. When Chris was old enough he was informed by a man named Amos that he was the host of Geb the eyptian god of the earth. Chris was very surprised when he was told this and began training very hard. He studies the Parth of the Gods hoping he can form a perfect combination of motal will and godly power. Even though this is a rather difficult task to pull off, Chris believed he can do it.


Chris has dark brown curly hair, brown hair, and olive skin. He has a lot of freckles on his face.



  • None yet


  • Chris is the host of Geb
  • Chris studies the Path of the Gods
  • Chris is learning how to control the earth
  • Chris fights with a magic wand