Relationship Information
Between Chris Benton

Elizabeth Newton Kelly Massey

Status Best friends
Roleplayers Miramc22


Chellizzie (Ch/ris, Ke/ll/y, and Li/zzie) is the friendship pairing of Kelly Massey, Chris Benton, and Elizabeth Newton. The three are best friends, and currently training together.


  • All are attending Brooklyn House.
  • All are teenagers.
  • All are hosting a god or goddess.
  • All were sent to the Sphinx to bring Corey Levesque back from the moon.

Kelly's Opinion of the GroupEdit

Kelly really likes hanging out with Chris and Lizzie, because they seem to understand her more than anyone else. She likes to consider the three "The Big Trio", as they are always together, and consider each other family.  While they do argue, and don't have much in common, Kelly calls them friends because Sky, Earth, and Knowledge is a good combo, and Kelly believes Amos sent them to bring back Corey back because they get along almost all of the time.

Lizzie's Opinion of the GroupEdit

Lizzie is used to working alone, because everyone else can't understand her "complex theories and ideas." She thinks that she is best working alone, even though it is better if she works with others, and she is not used to having much company or friends, but she likes being friends with Chris and Kelly because they get along well and care about each other very much, even though Lizzie still thinks that it is best if she works alone.

Chris' Opinion of the GroupEdit

Chris never had many friends and enjoyed being alone. But when he met Lizzie and Kelly he was glad that he had friends that actual understood him. He thinks the three of them are a great trio and is always glad the girls will have his back. Although they do argue sometimes, Chris tries to get along with them so they can concentrate on training, their quest to save Corey and, being great friends.