Bonnie Tristiana
Bonnie tristiana
General Information
Full Name Bonnie Jessica Tristiana
DOB July 16, 1999
Age 14
Biographical Information
Birthplace Agra, India
Host/Path Ra
Species Magician
Status Alive
Physical Information
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Icy Silver
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Other Information
Relationship Status Single
Other Names Bon-Bon

Roleplayer Roongtaanjali

Bonnie is a 14 year old magician, following the path of Ra. Her roleplayer is Roongtaanjali.


Bonnie Jessica Tristiana was born on July 16 1999 to Justine and Carlie Tristiana. Justine was a magician following the path of Thoth and Carlie followed the path of Osiris. Bonnie grew up as a very happy and smart child, but she always preferred to read than to talk to others. Bonnie was really brave and helpful but also a spitfire. Bonnie turned 14, her parents sent to the First Nome from where she was sent to Brooklyn House. Bonnie currently lives at the Brooklyn House. She hates dancing and is a total tomboy.

Early LifeEdit

Bonnie grew up very happily with her parents, even with magic. She always did great in school but got into a lot of fights with over small matters and was sent to the counselor many times a day and sent to detention eventually. However the doctors predicted that she had a disease in which anytime, anything could trigger her anger.


Bonnie has shoulder length brown hair and icy silver eyes with a regular tan.



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  • Bonnie is following the path of Ra.
  • Bonnie is very intelligent.
  • Bonnie is an  Fire Elementalist and can summon fire at will.
  • Bonnie is horrible at combat but lethal with a wand and staff.
  • Bonnie always has a pocket knife with her.
  • Bonnie has anger management issues.
  • Bonnie is very sensitive and arrogant.